Server Sunsetting FAQ

Why did Server shut down?

Server started in 2012, and performed almost half a billion uptime checks in the past decade.

I've personally used the service for that entire time to monitor over 80 of my own servers and websites, but I decided it's time to move on and focus on other ventures in my life.

I'm sorry about ending the service, but I wanted to make sure to end it on a positive note, giving you time to migrate, rather than wait for some inevitable maintenance problem that kills the service on its own. Many parts of Server's software stack were due for upgrades, and I closed it on my own terms rather than wait for something to break.

Server turned a small profit every year, but it's not enough to make an impact on my life, so one lesson I've learned from running it is to never price your work too low. If I would've started out charging more, the margin would have supported more growth. But I'm happy to have helped so many people monitor their sites and servers when they wouldn't have if the price was higher!

When did Server shut down?

On November 30th, 2021, all accounts that were still active were closed by the Server team.

I need help finding an uptime monitoring option to replace Server, do you have recommendations?

Yes we do!

  • Uptime Robot - Free, Pro, and Enterprise plans
  • Cronitor - Hacker (free), Business, and Enterprise plans
  • Better Uptime - Basic (free), Freelancer, Small Team, and Business plans
  • StatusCake - Free, Superior, and Business plans