Know when your server is down.

  • $15/year for 5 servers, $48/year for 25.
  • Checks up to every minute.
  • Email & SMS Alerts when your server is down.
  • Monitor with ping, HTTP, and content checks.
  • Monitor server latency (response time) over time.

Server Check.in is a simple website uptime and performance monitoring service. For as little as $15/year (just $1.25/month!), you get peace of mind knowing when your websites and servers are online—and when they're down. We'll send you a text message and/or email when your server goes down, and we'll also monitor and display your server's performance over time.

We also provide some Tools to help you make sure your sites and servers are online and performing well (like our Check a Website or Server tool), even if you don't have an account.


Your home page, with an at-a-glance overview of your servers' health:
User Home Page Screenshot - Server Check.in

Click on a server to view latency and outage details:
Server Report Page Screenshot - Server Check.in

Servers can be checked by a simple ping to an IP address, a '200 OK' status check for a web page, or checking for specific markup on a web page. You can also set different notification settings for each server:
Create Server Form Screenshot - Server Check.in


  • Server Check.in sends SMS messages from a real phone number—we don't use an email-to-text gateway. (Note: SMS messages work with many carriers around the world (and almost all in the US and Canada) Please check with us if you are using a non-US phone number to verify our SMS service is supported in your area.)
  • When your site is down, we check twice to make sure it's not just a random error. This saves you from getting down notices when your site's not actually down.
  • Our latency monitoring can help you figure out when your server is acting up, or becomes slower over time.

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