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New Server Features - April 2013

We worked hard this month to add some great new features to Server In addition to some tweaks to the interface to make your experience adding and managing servers much more enjoyable, we've added a new subscription plan!

  • New Premium Plan available (25 servers, 5 minute checks)
    You can now upgrade to your Premium plan, and get 25 servers (up from 5), and 5 minute check intervals (up from 10), as well as more allowed SMS messages/month. The price for the Premium plan is just $48/year (that's just $4/month!). If you've run out of additional servers in your account, you can upgrade for a pro-rated amount by logging into Server and clicking the Upgrade link under the 'Edit Account' tab.
  • New 'Global Website Latency' Tool
    We're slowly adding more tools to help you gauge your site's performance over time and against other websites. Our new Global Latency Graphs tool lets you see how the entire Internet (as seen by Server is performing.
  • The Server Blog!
    Because we care about performance, we thought we'd start writing about how you can make your own sites and servers perform better, and stay up longer. Check out our blog and subscribe to our Blog's RSS feed to keep up to date.

We have even more exciting new features we're hoping to reveal in the coming summer months, so keep an eye on your inbox for more! As always, please let us know if you have any ideas or suggestions for improving Server by emailing us or replying to this note. Many of the features we've implemented in our short existence have been directly requested by you—our awesome customers!

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