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New Server Features - January 2013

We've been busy in the new year! Here are some new features we've rolled out in the past month:

  • Sparkline graphs of the past day's latency on your dashboard.
    Now you can simply visit and (when you're logged in) get a simple, quick overview of all your servers' and sites' health! There's a neat little sparkline graph that shows the server's latency over the past day.
  • Uptime summary for each server.
    If you visit one of your server's pages, you can now see uptime percentages, a count of outages, and the amount of downtime for the server in the past day and month. It's a nice way to see 'how many nines' you're getting!
  • 10-minute checks (used to be 15-minutes).
    After monitoring our servers for the first few weeks of usage, we determined that we can offer checks every ten minutes for all our customers. We continue to monitor our resource usage to make sure that we can offer you the best value for your money, while making sure our service can continue to improve as we get more users!

We'll try to keep you updated through this blog with more new features and improvements. Check back soon, and let us know in the comments what new features you'd like to see!

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