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New Server Features - March 2013

Here are the latest features we've added to Server since January:

  • Monthly Server Summary Emails
    One of the most requested features was a monthly summary email showing how your servers are doing at the end of a month. Server will now send you a summary email on the first day every month, showing the previous month's stats for all the servers in your account.

    This feature is enabled by default, but you can opt-out of these emails by unchecking the 'Monthly Summary Emails' checkbox in your account on Server

  • HTTP/HTTPS Content Checks
    This is a feature we wanted since day one, and many of you have requested it; you can now have Server check for the presence of a bit of text in the markup of a web page.

    For our launch, we focused on simplicity, and made sure that everything ran well with just two kinds of checks: HTTP '200 OK' status checks, and server pings. Now that we've been able to spend more time ensuring we can handle the extra load of content checks, we've enabled this service for all your servers.

    One advanced way you can use this feature is to create a page somewhere on your site that prints a certain message if a service you have on your site is running correctly, then check for that text in Server

We're hard at work making even more improvements to Server What would you like to see us do? Let us know by contacting us or posting a comment below.

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