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New Server Features - October, 2013

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We've been relatively quiet for the summer months, working hard to improve our infrastructure and many behind-the-scenes aspects of Server But there are a few features we're very excited to announce today:

  • 1-minute check intervals for Premium plan, 5-minutes for Standard
    This is the most often requested feature we've had in the past year, and now that our architecture has been improved to the point where more frequent checks won't affect the quality of Server's core service—notifying you when your servers are up or down—we have added it! Stay tuned, though; there's more to come...
  • More check servers (U.S. and Europe) added
    As mentioned in our blog post about reducing technical debt, we are now checking your servers from four geographically-distributed servers, and will be adding servers as time and budget allows. Please see the Check Servers page for a listing of the servers, their IP addresses, and their geographical locations (login required).
  • Infrastructure improvements (better uptime, even fewer false positives)
    Through the summer, instead of focusing on features, we've been hard at work identifying false positives (there have been very few, but we strive for perfection!), finding bottlenecks, and improving the site's UI and response times.

Server has continued to improve in reliability, speed, and features since day one; we're proud to report over 99.9% uptime since launch (as reported by Pingdom)! Please continue to post comments here and contact us to let us know what we can do to make Server better for you, personally!

And, if you're reading this and aren't yet a customer, tell us what you'd like to see from Server to entice you to sign up!

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