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Server is a great alternative to Pingdom if you used the free plan

Server has long been a supporter of using services like Pingdom if you need more advanced monitoring options, Real User Monitoring (RUM), or other specialized monitoring solutions which Server intentionally avoids to save money and make the core monitoring service as robust as possible.

We've been going strong for over 6 years now, and are now an even better alternative for your simple website and server uptime monitoring needs, as we fill in a price point Pingdom doesn't really serve—you have to pay at least $120/year for Pingdom, where you can monitor 5 servers for $15/year (almost 90% cheaper than the lowest cost option at Pingdom!), or 25 servers for $48/year!

We still use Pingdom for some of our monitoring needs, but if you just need basic site uptime monitoring, there are a number of worthy alternatives—consider giving Server a try!

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