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Server case study posted to

We posted a detailed case study about how Server was built on Server case study.

From the case study:

Why Drupal was chosen:
Drupal provides an extremely robust and flexible platform for building websites. Server was built to be simple, inexpensive, and easy to use. More than half of the site's features were simply pieced together using modules already built by others. Missing parts—most of the backend of the service, along with payment and notification integration—were easy to add through a few custom modules.

Describe the project (goals, requirements and outcome):
Server was built using Drupal 7, and the responsive theme was built using a Zen sub-theme. Drush powers most of the backend functionality of the service (server checks, queue consumption, notification handling). Some parts of the service are provided through third party services: Stripe powers payments, and Twilio powers SMS notifications.

Read the entire case study. (Earlier, I also posted a thread with more details about Server on Hacker News).

Announcing Server - A simple, inexpensive website monitoring service

Server Logo

Server was built because, while there are some really powerful and flexible monitoring solutions out there, like Pingdom (we love Pingdom!), there aren't any really simple and inexpensive services that are better for individuals and small businesses who don't have a budget for more expensive and involved solutions, but still need to know when their servers or sites go down.

Server offers many features like free, unlimited SMS messages for outage notices, email notifications, and server latency monitoring. It will check on up to five servers or websites every fifteen minutes, and notify you when the servers and sites go down.

Sign up here for only $15/year—that's just $1.25 per month!


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