Privacy Policy

We don't share your personal data with anyone.

The small amount of information we collect about you and your servers is only used to monitor the uptime and responsiveness of your servers and to let you know when there's a problem.

From time to time, we might aggregate uptime and responsiveness data from many accounts to get an idea of how the web is performing, and share the aggregated results with others via blog posts and social media, but we will never include any identifying information.

We know you value your privacy. So do we.

What information does Server collect?

We only collect what we need to help you get notified when your site is down: your email address, name, and the addresses of the servers and/or websites you want to monitor.

If you want, you can also add your phone number and attach your social media accounts to your account so you can be notified via other methods when your server is down.

How does Server use this information?

We will send you notifications using the information you provided. We will also communicate with your servers and websites periodically to check on their status and responsiveness.

We will never contact you for any other reasons (besides notifications and account updates).

The data we collect about your server and website uptime and responsiveness may be aggregated from time to time with other data sets to determine trends and web-related statistics, but it will never be given to anyone outside of Server in an identifiable manner.

How does Server protect its users' information?

Server uses industry-standard best practices for storing user information. We apply patches (especially security patches) to our software and systems in a timely fashion, and we store sensitive data like user passwords in an irretrievable manner.