Server Tools

We provide some tools to help make sure your websites and servers are running there best:

Check a Website or Server

Enter a URL or IP address to check whether your website or server is up or down, and if up, see it's latency (how long it takes to respond to Server

Global Latency Graphs

Graphs of the average latency for servers around the world, as monitored by Server

More to come...


Other Online Performance Tools

Server recommends the external tools below to help you get a comprehensive overview of all aspects of your website's performance:

  • GTMetrix - Get website performance recommendations based on YSlow and Google Page Speed measurements.
  • Pingdom Tools - Test a web page's load performance, test your DNS settings, and more.
  • Nibbler - Get a quick overview of how you can improve your server's configuration, your site configuration, and your markup.
  • Dotcom-Monitor Tools - Suite of testing tools similar to Pingdom's.